Top 17 Mistakes Every DOG Owner Should “Stop” Making

16.Thinking “what you see is what you get.”

Often people go to the shelter or pick out a puppy, assuming the personality they see right there and then is the dog they will have for life. However, puppies go through fear periods, hormone changes, and environmental experiences that will determine her personality as an adult. Rescue dogs are usually in a state of fear or depression, having been abandoned or abused by owners, living on the streets, etc. This means the disposition they are showing you at the shelter or foster parent’s home is probably not the personality he will have after a month of living at your house. Once he settles in and gets comfortable, be prepared to see his true colors.

Making the mistake of assuming the dog is going to be a calm, quiet dog because he was shy and reserved when you first met can set you up for disappointment and frustration when he gets comfortable and starts bouncing off the walls.

So get as much information as you can and pay attention to the breed or breeds the dog is, that can help you determine personality too.

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