15+ Stunning Facts That Show How Little We Really Know About the World

The growth of the mane on lions is directly linked to their level of testosterone, this is why female lions and sterilized males don’t have a mane. However, there are some exceptions: several years ago, in one of the national parks of Botswana, 5 female lions were found that had very obvious manes. They were not as big as those that male lions have, but still.

The longest word in the English language consists of 189,819 letters: it’s the chemical name of titin, the largest known protein. It would take you about 3 hours to pronounce the full word! However, some linguists believe that titin’s full name can’t really be considered an English word and the debate prevails.

According to a study published by Science, the appearance of soft food in our diets impacted how we speak. The addition of plant foods changed our teeth and our jaws so that it is easier for us to pronounce the sounds “f” or “v.”

The Lego company has a secret warehouse where they keep copies of every single set of Legos they have ever produced.

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