15+ Stunning Facts That Show How Little We Really Know About the World

The biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has more than 6,035,554 articles in the English language alone and this number is growing every day. They contain a lot of facts about all sorts of things. According to an urban legend: if you click the first (non-italicized) term on nearly any Wikipedia entry, eventually you end up at their “Philosophy” page. And yes, Wikipedia has already created an entry called “Getting to Philosophy,” which describes this phenomenon. According to them the effect is true for 97% of all entries, and it was first discovered in 2008. Of course, no one could ever replace Wikipedia, but we also have some facts that can impress even those people who think they know everything.

We at Bright Side were surprised to find out that there are still some things in the world we didn’t know about, so we want to share this as soon as possible.

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